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CandleAid Lanka agreed to work together in partnership with Sigiri Trust to set up and implement a project aimed at assisting disadvantaged patients. The primary objective is to render financial assistance to disadvantaged patients to meet their medical expenses in the pursuit of a cure from their illnesses.

The disbursements under the above fund commenced in 2018. CandleAid has disbursed over LKR 6.1 million so far to assist 60 patients under the Sigiri Trust Fund.

1. The fund is administered by CandleAid in the following manner The Sigiri Trust Fund is specifically targeted to meet medical expenses of patients receiving treatment in government owned/operated medical institutions.

2. Patients may be directed to CandleAid by Sigiri Trust but more commonly CandleAid is expected to find such patients.

3.Following due diligence in either case, the final decision to approve assistance or not will be taken in consultation with a designated representative of Sigiri Trust.

4.Where possible CandleAid will make direct payments to hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories etc. The beneficiary/coordinator will be held responsible to submit all invoices and receipts to CandleAid

5.CandleAid will forward for scrutiny by Sigiri Trust, all relevant details of each case accepted for funding. Additionally, CandleAid will furnish on a quarterly basis a ledger account detailing disbursements.

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