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CandleAid has been assisting a colony of visually impaired elders situated at Katubedde, Moratuwa for many years. Currently we are funding their weekly food costs. These are mostly elders who have no family with whom they could live with. Out of the original 12 elders, 7 have passed and the remaining 5 are currently living in this colony, some on their own with a helper and others with a relative.

Over the years, CandleAid has supplied many of their needs including a radio to each elder which enabled them to listen to music and news updates. Each year till 2005, these elders were invited to the annual Christmas party at the Jeevani Convent. They participated happily and sang all the old favourite songs with our guests. Over the past few years, their hearing ability has diminished as well and they have also become feeble due to age related causes.

‘HelpAge Sri Lanka’ provides them lunch every day except on Sundays and public holidays. On these days, CandleAid pays for their meals at a cost of LKR 70 per person, including a helper who takes care of two of the elders. CandleAid also covers the transport cost involved in bringing the lunch from ‘HelpAge Sri Lanka’. In addition we fulfill their other humble needs such as a bottle of “Siddhalepa” and any other medical needs whenever they need. Dr. Wimal Gunarathna, a General Physician visits them at least twice a month voluntarily to attend to their ailments and check their general well-being.

Project Status Ongoing
Total number of visually impaired elders assisted 12
Current number of elders 4 as at 11 Jan 2019
Estimated cost of the project LKR 120,000/year

Almost all expenses incurred by CandleAid Lanka for this cause are being funded by Mr & Mrs Pradeep Moraes of Sri Lanka.

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