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The annual sponsorship donation for a primary or secondary student is LKR 33,000 while for a university student the annual donation is LKR 39,600, both inclusive of the 10% admin fee introduced from January 2014. Commencing April 2024, CandleAid will disburse LKR 2,500 per month to primary and secondary students and LKR 3,000 per month to university students. Sponsorships are for a minimum period of one year. Sponsors are requested to let CandleAid know in advance if they intend to terminate the sponsorship after one year. You can sponsor more than 1 beneficiary from this programme/and other programmes.

A/C Name CandleAid Lanka
Bank Hatton National Bank, Moratuwa Branch
Account No 022010223682 (Sri Lanka Rupee)
A/C Name CandleAid Lanka
Bank Nations Trust Bank, Moratuwa Branch
Account No 014100008377 (Sri Lanka Rupee)

  1. Balances arising out of favourable foreign currency conversions are channelled to the GAM General fund, to be used for other related purposes within the GAM programme or carried forward to the next renewal year to the credit of the sponsor
  2. The period of sponsorship is expected to be for at least one year.
  3. Sponsors are kindly expected to bear any additional costs of remittance.
  4. Remittances can be made in any of the following ways:

By Visa or Master Card: Please click the link to make an online donation.

Internet Payments – Credit Card Charging Rate
Card Type Local Cards Foreign Cards
Visa 2.5% 2.75%
Master 2.5% 2.75%
Amex 3.5% 2.75%

By Cheque: Drawn in favour of “CandleAid Lanka” and mailed to: CandleAid Lanka, 21/4, Dharmaratne Avenue, Rawathawatte, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

By MoneyGram or Western Union – in the name of “Mrs. V.D.H. Jayawardena “, National Identity Card Number (NIC) 537531371 V.

By Direct credit: To the bank accounts mentioned in this page.

Please ensure that you inform us of the remittance by emailing for purposes of identification and receipting. Donations could also be made through CandleAid Representatives.

Mrs. Dil Jayawardena
Director Education

Mrs.Cheryll Seneviratne
Head Education Sponsorship Programme