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A proposal was made on 25th February 2021 by one of CandleAid Lanka’s staunch supporters to establish a Fund to support mothers who are either widowed or abandoned by their spouses. These are women who are required to feed, clothe, educate and nurture the children alone while also making a livelihood to keep the home fires burning.

Sponsorship Terms & Donations

CandleAid Lanka supports such mothers with a monthly donation of LKR 5,000 for a period of one year, totaling LKR 60,000 per year. This project is based on a fund, allowing individuals to contribute to the project at any time. Depending on the availability of funds, we enroll families into the project.

Those who are interested in contributing to this fund can do so by directly crediting CandleAid Lanka (Government Approved Charity – Reg.No.GA 201). It is vitally important that CandleAid Lanka is informed of any such remittances made. Please follow the link below for details on how to donate: Donate Now

By establishing the Mother & Child fund and implementing targeted support initiatives, CandleAid Lanka aims to alleviate the challenges faced by single mothers and empower them to create a sustainable future for themselves and their children.

Stories of Selected Families

Mrs Champa Wickramanayake – Galle District

Champa is a mother of two children. Her husband had committed suicide in 2021. Her eldest son is studying in Grade 09 and youngest daughter is 03 years old. They live in a temporarily built wooden hut in a land owned by her sister. She had to leave the previously rented house since she could not afford to pay the rent. Champa sells oil lamp wicks and sandals at festive times and earns a meagre income. She receives a government dole of LKR 8,500 monthly. Her income and government dole are not sufficient for their living expenses and children’s educational expenses.

Mrs Sumana Kanthi - Anuradhapura District

Sumana is a mother of a boy aged 15 year. Her husband passed away due to kidney failure in 2009. She is also a kidney patient since 2009 and has gone through many medications and is now on dialysis twice a week. The right side of her body is paralyzed and she is unable to do any work due to her health condition. Her son is studying in Grade 09. The son is the one who takes care of Sumana while doing his studies. The family is in the low-income category and receives a monthly government dole of LKR 1,500 and also receives a dole of LKR 5,000 given to kidney patients. The total amount they get from the government is not sufficient for their day-to-day expenses and for her son’s educational expenses.

Statistics as of 31st March 2024

No. of Families enrolled since inception - 147

No. of Current Families - 45

No. of Current Donors - 65

No. of Current Coordinators – 35

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