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Project Rationale and Overview

This is CandleAid’s new initiative, commencing in 2014. Self-Empowerment Women project is a holistic attempt to strengthen women’s will and address the issues faced by women who have been entrusted with the responsibility of being the sole bread winner due to numerous reasons. The initial point of focus in this program would entail a spirited woman with an inbuilt tenacity and strength to stay on course amidst difficulties. She must be actively engaged in or is willing to engage in an entrepreneurial economic activity to earn what is required to help herself and her immediate family to become self sustainable.

CandleAid works together with these specially chosen individuals, to identify her needs and provide her with the initial capital (donation), skills and resources to strengthen her will, to become a self-empowered entrepreneur who will eventually own and operate her own business.

Qualifying Phase

Once the Project Committee identifies the prospective beneficiary, a detailed scoping and need assessment of each beneficiary is carried out. A responsive plan is drawn based on this assessment so that she will be able to support herself and her family.

Project Start January 2014
Project Status Ongoing
Total number of women empowered 43
Average cost range LKR 5000 – LKR 50,000 per person