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The age old adage “health is wealth” is indeed applicable to all mankind. If good heal prevails, man can face the numerous challenges in life proactively. When health becomes a concern, people will opt for the best possible consultants for diagnosis and treatment, limited only by the level of income. How do the poor react to this dilemma? Already burdened with abject poverty and unable to stretch their income to provide even the basic meals to their children, how do they cope with illness ? CandleAid’s Health Programme is designed to address this perennial question mainly relating to cancer.

Cancer Patients Assistance Sigiri Trust Fund

Our main concern is on Cancer

In most cases, Cancer strikes when you least expect it. Simply the news itself is devastating. This is just the beginning of an uphill climb much mental trauma and physical suffering follows. While some of us can consult the best Oncologists and afford the comfort of private hospitals, there are many others who cannot even afford the bus fare to visit a government hospital. Should financial limitations deny them from at least a fighting chance for life?