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CandleAid assists low income families by supporting them under the Food Programme, giving them a Gift-A-Meal (GAM) sponsorship. Under this programme we currently cater to 200 families. And hypothetically there could be 4 people in each family, which means we are talking of 800 people. You may be one of our current sponsors or you may be a potential sponsor who is looking at this page. Now if these people with the money we give can have at least one simple meal a day, rice and a vegetable, that means CandleAid is feeding approximately 800 people every single day under this programme. As a sponsor you will be pleased that your generosity has made it possible for the respective families to place food on their table, thus taking care of a basic requirement of any human being. If you are keen to be a sponsor, this is what we want you to consider and be part of this meaningful programme.

Gift A Meal Programme