CandleAid Lanka | Gift A Meal Sponsorship
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Gift A Meal Sponsorship

Selections of beneficiaries for a sponsorship


Beneficiaries who apply for sponsorship are screened through a laid down procedure to determine their eligibility for assistance. CandleAid takes into account the number of persons in the family including children and the financial circumstances of the family. If the beneficiary is selected for assistance, the selected family has to be monitored by the Coordinator who has the responsibility to keep CandleAid informed of any changes of circumstances of the family.

On completion of all administrative formalities, CandleAid links the beneficiary to a Sponsor who has already expressed a desire to Sponsor a family. All relevant details of the Beneficiary and photograph are made available to the Sponsor. CandleAid also encourages and facilitates interaction between the Sponsor and the Beneficiary.

Sponsorship terms

The annual sponsorship is LKR 26, 400 inclusive of the 10% admin fee introduced from January 2014. Sponsorships are for a minimum period of one year. Sponsors are requested to let CandleAid know in advance if they intend to terminate the sponsorship after one year.

Please contact the following for any further details