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Welcome to CandleAid Lanka…    

Thank you for your interest in CandleAid

We started operations in 1995 and to date have done our best to help people in need.  The organization started as AFLAC International (Association for Lighting a Candle). A few years later we were born again with a name change to CandleAid Lanka. We started small and moved with baby steps to do what

we can to serve the poor. We have walked a fair distance from that humble beginning and now operate as a Government Approved

Charity reaching out to all 25 districts of Sri Lanka.  We have no racial or religious demarcations, and we have no partiality to any political system. At this point I only want you to know us.

                                        Thank you

                                        Blue skies

                                     Capt Elmo Jayawardena

Our Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of the poor and the less fortunate                 

 in Sri Lanka in all aspects of basic human needs, including but

 not limited to education, health, community development, food,

 clothing and shelter.

CandleAid Lanka

Operating from its modest office at Rawathawatte, Moratuwa,

CandleAid makes its best efforts to keep its candle burning despite the unprecedented darkness that has shrouded our world in recent times.


CandleAid has three sponsorship programmes where individuals

and entities both local and foreign can join.  Acting on your own

convictions if you wish to help someone who suffers the multiple

burdens of poverty, please see below for more details.

All our other projects are clearly defined and detailed within this website and you can pick and choose your preferred choice.

If you would like to make a one-time donation
“It is better by far to light a solitary candle than to curse the darkness”