CandleAid Lanka | Our Interns
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Our Interns

World’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption

“Working in a non-profit organisation is my passion and I wish to pursue a career in it in the future. I’ve learnt so much here, and CandleAid has certainly opened my perspectives about poverty”

“CandleAid is my first international internship and I was excited to learn about the workings of a charity and how to contribute to the community”

“Interesting and warming… The principle behind the organization way of operating is unique, transparent and accountable, which is very different from most NGOs with similar target groups“

“I would say my experience at CA was a very refreshing experience, not just from the nature of the work which was new to me, but more importantly because of the people there who showed me how to be the salt and light in my own community, encouraging me to persevere in my faith and give generously to others”

“The staff here at CandleAid are friendly and approachable! It has been a privilege working here and I hope that it will continue to light candles rather than curse the darkness for a long time to come”

“I would definitely recommend CandleAid to a friend. The experience was definitely eye-opening and enriching with amazing staff to assist along the way”

“My experience at CA was a fulfilling and wonderful one. I would highly recommend anyone who likes to expose themselves into the humanitarian work of field to come to CandleAid Lanka. CandleAid Lanka gives you a first-hand opportunity to interact with the beneficiaries and understand their plights”