Be A Secret Santa This Christmas!

We are currently in the process of identifying the families to be assisted through Secret Santa 2017, carried out for the fourth consecutive year. The families enlisted for assistance come from all religions and all races.

There is no specified amount for donations – any amount received will be pooled to assist the families we select. 

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CandleAid Lanka

Established in 1995, CandleAid is a goverment approved charity in Sri Lanka. Our belief is “It is better by far to light a solitary candle than to curse the darkness.”

About Us

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CandleAid functions primarily as a link between your act of generosity and someone else’s need. Be a sponsor today and help us combat poverty in Sri Lanka.

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Find out about our key programmes

CandleAid has 3 main programmes – Food, Education and Health. We also run a few general projects. 

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Number of beneficiaries we have helped

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Our Focus

CandleAid has 3 main programmes 

Education Programme

Of all the CandleAid initiatives, greater emphasis is given to the education programme as we firmly believe that education provides a springboard to leap out of the well of poverty.

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Food Programme

Candleaid provides food assistance to poor families with children.

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Health Programme

How do the poor react to this dilemma? Already burdened with abject poverty and unable to stretch their income to provide even the basic meals to their children, how do they cope with illness ?

CandleAid’s Health Programme is designed to address this perennial question mainly relating to cancer

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Latest Stories

A collection of stories of the amazing people who work to make another person’s life better. Stories to prove that every candle that you light counts.

Thank You CandleAid

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Following is a letter of appreciations received from beneficiary of an educational scholarship. This letter is shared just to show how each candle you light g…
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Cinderellas of Chullipuram

This will be one of the longest intros I write for a write up. But I have a good reason for that . These children are from Chullipuram, as Vinu says , a hamlet with a population of Children, the old &…
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