Rajagiriya Children’s Project

In mid-2010, Sisters of the Sadhasarana Convent expanded their programme to enhance the education of children from low income families in Rajagiriya. They went from informal classes at the convent to formal classes conducted at the Rajagiriya church premises. Volunteer teachers were sourced, a curriculum was drawn and time tables were made. Children were then invited to register. CandleAid has been assisting then since June 2012.

Children of the Tanglin Trust School, Singapore were the first to come forward to help with funds for this project.

Next came the Little Candle Makers (LCM) of Dubai, a group of young students who organized a Sinhala New Year event to raise funds for this project.


Thank You Letter from Sister Cynthia

Sr. Cynthia says,
Unseen to the main roads of Rajagiriya and unknown to most residents, lie five shanty gardens that are “home” to many. Their housing, sanitary conditions and standards of education are minimal. Some parents are illiterate. Most of them are daily paid workers in the Municipality or in houses as labourers and maids.

The children attend neighbourhood government schools and often drop out. Their standards of knowledge are very poor and they cannot afford to pay for any extra classes. It is for this group that we started special classes in subjects like Sinhala, Tamil, English and Maths. We welcome children of any race and creed. Volunteer teachers help us with this project.

We realized the need of some extra nourishment for these children. CandleAid has been helping us with sponsorships in which they receive from generous people who have a heart for kids. They are the future and we believe that it is only education that will give them this future, one better than that of their parents.

At the moment, CandleAid sponsors our milk-feeding program on Saturdays. We have 101 children enrolled and about 90 children attend the Saturday classes. We offer each a packet of milk which they enjoy. We thank CandleAid and their generous sponsors. God Bless you all !

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