Book Project

The purpose of the project is to relieve parents of the significant financial burden of purchasing new school books for the ensuing academic year.

Selection of students eligible for a sponsorship
Students from low income families are eligible to apply for help under this project. However, the programme does not include students who are already receiving a sponsorship under our Education Sponsorship Programme, as they receive an additional amount for the same purpose in December each year. There are coordinators in six different towns appointed by the Chief Coordinator, who screens the students to ensure they are eligible for help under the Book Project.

There are donations made by people specifically for this Project. Throughout the year, we also set aside balances arising out of favourable foreign currency conversions in the three Sponsorship Programme for this purpose. If there is a shortfall we utilise general funds towards the book project.

Please contact the following for any further details
Chief Coordinator: Mrs. Deepthi Fernando –
Project Coordinator: Miss. Brintha Mathavasunderam –