Families on Waiting List

01) Udayangani & Family

Udayangani is a widow who lives with her two children. She is a casual labourer and earns about Rs. 2,350/- per month. Both her sons are attending school and are in grades 7 & 6. Her house is in bad shape and needs to be repaired.

02) Senevirathne & Family                                                                           

Senevirathne is employed at the MOH office and earns about Rs. 15, 000/- per month. Although he is a heart patient his family circumstances demands his earnings. His wife too has chest ailments and they both go to the government hospital once a month for treatments. They have two sons who are attending school and are in grades 8 & 13.

03) Thambipillai & Family

Chandrakanthy lives alone with her three year old daughter, after her husband deserted her soon after the birth of the child. She is currently working as a labourer and is paid poorly on a daily basis. She is a victim of the Sri Lanka civil war from Wanni.

04) Nachier & Famil.                              

Nachier, 50 years of age, lives with her young daughter, 9, and her old mother after she was left behind by her husband in the year 2008. She earns a meagre income by selling hoppers in the morning to two shops close to her home.

05) Suganthy & Family

Suganthy, 32, is a single parent who was deserted by her husband since 2012. She currently lives with her mother and two sisters in a temporary home as they have been displaced during the civil war in Sri Lanka. Both her sisters and her son are currently attending school.

06) Sarojinidevi & Family                                                                                              

Sarojinidevi led a happy life of five years of marriage until her husband deserted her and their two children and left to India. Left behind with her children, she struggled to bring them up by providing them all what she could afford. But unfortunately her son was killed in the year 2004 during the Sri Lanka civil war. Currently she lives with her daughter and sister in Jaffna.

07) Peiris & Family

Peiris is a widow who lives with her two children. She employs herself by making shoe boxes and earns about Rs. 5,000/- per month. Her eldest daughter has completed her studies and is currently employed at a private organisation. The youngest daughter is in Grade 8.

** Full name of beneficiaries are not mentioned in order to safeguard their privacy.


Sponsorship terms
The annual sponsorship is LKR 26, 400 inclusive of the 10% admin fee introduced from January 2014. Sponsorships are for a minimum period of one year. Sponsors are requested to let CandleAid know in advance if they intend to terminate the sponsorship after one year. You can sponsor more than 1 beneficiary from this programme/and other programmes.

Your kind sponsorship will go a long way in helping the families get by their days and lift them out of poverty.

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