Cancer Sponsorship

Project Start  2001
Project Status Ongoing
Current number of patients sponsored

Total number of patients sponsored



Sponsorship per patient per year LKR 26,400 per year

This programme commenced in 2001 with five sponsorships from a USA based voluntary organization granted to five child patients. 1013 patients have been assisted so far and there are many more patients awaiting sponsorship.

Sponsorships are expected to be for a minimum period of one year (the donation could be made quarterly, bi-annually or annually). CandleAid makes available to each sponsor, details of the patient receiving the benefit of his or her sponsorship. A thank you letter from the patient indicating the recuperation, family status, benefit gained by the patient is sent to each sponsor in October every year.

Patients are generally recommended by doctors at the National Cancer Hospital, Maharagama. On completion of a laid down screening procedure, patients who qualify for assistance are placed on the waiting list. They will then wait to be linked to sponsors and will be notified when sponsorships are available. Every patient is required to nominate a non-related person who meets CandleAid’s stipulated criteria to act as his or her coordinator. The coordinator is required to ensure the proper end use of sponsorship funds and also that CandleAid is kept informed of any important changes in the clinical or personal status of the patient.

CandleAid will disburse LKR 2,000 to the coordinator every month. The coordinator is required to purchase a supplement of medicinal and nutritional items based on the recommendation of the doctor.

Two months prior to the expiry of the one year sponsorship, CandleAid will send a patient status report to each sponsor and also a notice to ascertain whether they wish to continue their sponsorship beyond the first year.

It is with joy that we record that Clarendon Foundation, also known as FRIENDS (Fund Raising Involvement and Efforts for the Needs of the Disadvantaged in Sri Lanka) in the US have granted 100 sponsorships mainly to children. Another group of Sri Lankans living in Dubai, also known as ‘FRIENDS” and many individuals continue to give a number of sponsorships under this programme.


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Head-Health Programme: Mr. Sunil Warnakulasuriya –
International Coordinator/Cancer Patient Sponsorship Programme: Mrs. Sabine Dias –