Food Programme

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”

CandleAid abide by this Chinese proverb and aims to assist poor families by supporting them with food under Gift-A-Meal Programme. Let us share with you a story.

dharThis is Dhanapala and his family. Dhanapala was a postman who delivered our letters to the doorstep and earned a regular income, perhaps just above the poverty line. He was able to clothe, feed his family and educate his three young sons. They had a little hut to call their own. One day, he suffered a stroke and since then he has been paralysed, unable to support his family any longer as he himself needs support to even hobble from room to room.

Can this mother of three children be taught to fish? Her energies are all expended to find the means to put together a palatable meal for her young sons, provide their school needs and attend to Dhanapala’s daily ablution. Leaving her hardly any time to even comb her hair.

CandleAid’s Gift-A-Meal (GAM) programme has taken this family under its wings to assist them with a monthly food parcel until such time one of the sons are able to learn to fish.

Food (Gift A Meal) Sponsorship Programme

The purpose of this project is to assist poor families especially with children. You will be pleased that your generosity has made it possible for the respective families to place food on their table, thus taking care of a basic requirement of any human being. Every beneficiary family has a coordinator. Dry rations are purchased and delivered to the family each month by the coordinator who also evaluates and recommends other pressing needs of the family. CandleAid will takes care of the family’s problems whenever and wherever possible.