Established 1995

Total number of libraries opened since: 189 as of 30 June 2017

Library Total branches opened
General Library 118
Maths Laboratory 21
Children of the Conflict (COTC) Library 38
English-Books-Only Library 12


Our Library Concept

Having identified that children from rural areas do not have adequate access to books, CandleAid launched its library programme in 1995 to supply books and other necessary items to schools, temples and community centres mostly in remote villages. Seeing the success of this programme, CandleAid widened the scope of the programme specially encouraged by the number of individuals, institutions and private companies that came forward to support this cause.


1. General Library

CandleAid has responded to many requests made by many rural schools, temples and community centres to establish a library to give mostly their children and even adults the ability to read books. Most of the people who use these libraries are from very low income families.


 2. Maths Laboratory

Considering the comparatively high percentage of students who are unable to achieve success in mathematics at the Ordinary Level Examination, CandleAid sought means of helping needy schools to overcome this impediment.


3. Children of the Conflict (COTC) Library

In the aftermath of the war, CandleAid was able to extend the scope of its library programme to reach children in the north and east. Its main target was to establish libraries in schools and community centres in these areas giving children the ability to broaden their general knowledge. These are children whose education has suffered a severe setback due to the prolonged ethnic conflict. 38 libraries have been opened.


4. English Books Only Library (EBO)

Responding to a personal request made by the Ven. Batuwangala Rahula Thera, State Literary Award winner, CandleAid established its first EBO at the Madawala Pirivena, Welipenna. Due success of this library and the enthusiasm shown by the community, CandleAid decided to establish such libraries in other parts of the country.

Our noteworthy partners in the Library Project


Nations Trust Bank, Sri Lanka

Lawyers for Humanity 

Speedmark Transportation (Pvt) Ltd

Lanka Walltiles PLC 


Please contact the following for any further details
Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Romesh Fernando

Project Assistant: Ms. Chamila Mendis