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The purpose of the project is to give financial help to poor students who deserve assistance.

Selection of students eligible for a sponsorship
Students who apply for sponsorship are screened through a laid down procedure to determine their eligibility for assistance. CandleAid takes into account a student’s academic history, current progress, financial circumstances of the family and parental commitment. If the student qualifies to receive a sponsorship, CandleAid appoints a co-ordinator (the person recommending the student for sponsorship in most cases), who acts as the link between CandleAid and the student. Such coordinators are also screened by CandleAid to ensure their credibility.

On completion of all administrative formalities, CandleAid links the student to a sponsor who has already expressed a desire to assist a student under this programme. All relevant details of the student and photograph are made available to the sponsor. CandleAid also encourages and facilitates interaction between the sponsor and the student.

Sponsorship terms
The annual sponsorship donation for a primary or secondary student is LKR 13,200 while for a university student the annual donation is LKR 23,760, both inclusive of the 10% admin fee introduced from January 2014. Commencing January 2015,CandleAid will disburse LKR 1,000 per month to primary and secondary students and LKR 1,800 per month to university students.

Renewal & Termination of Sponsorship
Sponsors have the choice of continuing the sponsorship after one year on receipt of the renewal notice. Sponsorships of students who write GCE Advanced Level Examination, university students who complete their degrees and students who cease formal education are terminated at the time of such occurrence. On being informed of such occurrence, sponsors have the choice to transfer their sponsorship to a new student or withdraw the sponsorship altogether. CandleAid also terminates a sponsorship if a student does not comply with stipulated requirements of the Education Sponsorship Programme despite attempts made by CandleAid to regularise the sponsorship.


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Sponsorship terms
Sponsorships are for a minimum period of one year. Sponsors are requested to let CandleAid know in advance if they intend to terminate the sponsorship after one year.

Please contact the following for any further details
Director Education : Mrs. Dil Jayawardena –
Head – Education Sponsorship Programme : Ms. Janaki Rupesinghe –