About Us


CandleAid Lanka is a Sri Lankan humanitarian organisation that has its office in the coastal town of Moratuwa. CandleAid is primarily a link between someone’s generosity and another person’s humble pleas of poverty. CandleAid is ‘label-less’; it has no religious, ethnic or political affiliation. Except CandleAid’s office staff of less than fifteen, all its directors, branch representatives and project coordinators work on a volunteer basis.

We welcome anyone who wishes to lend a hand to underprivileged people in Sri Lanka, be it as a volunteer worker, a donor or a sponsor.

CandleAid Lanka (formerly AFLAC International) was founded in 1995 by Capt. Elmo Jayawardena, a Sri Lankan pilot then employed with Singapore Airlines. He and an executive committee of two vice-presidents and five directors run CandleAid.

CandleAid is registered under the Ministry of Social Services in Sri Lanka as a Non Governmental Organisation engaged in charitable work and was granted the status ‘Approved Charity” in Sri Lanka in 2000

Our Ideology
Founded upon the adage “It is better by far to light a solitary candle than to curse the darkness”, CandleAid was formed with the purpose of alleviating poverty in Sri Lanka. It is modelled on the belief that every person can do something to help another, irrespective of class, wealth and status. As such, CandleAid functions as a link between your act of generosity and someone else’s need.

Our Work
CandleAid’s primary project is its Education Sponsorship Programme where help is given to students from low income families towards their education. CandleAid also has two other sponsorship programmes; to provide dry rations to poor families and help for cancer patients with their basic needs of food, nutrition and medical needs. CandleAid also runs a programme to train children to swim, an extensive library programme and a programme designed to empower women who are breadwinners. Apart from these there are many other ongoing and short term projects undertaken in the area of community development.  All prospective projects are screened by the executive committee for their viability, authenticity and suitability under the CandleAid programmes. Each adopted project is headed by a member of the Executive Committee and managed by a Chief Coordinator assisted by a team of mainly voluntary coordinators.

Our International Presence
CandleAid has independent representatives in many countries whose task is to engender awareness in people of the needs and difficulties faced by the poor in Sri Lanka. Most times, they source sponsors and donors to support CandleAid programs. They are free to use their own initiatives rather than a standardised process to spread the message of CandleAid.