Secret Santa 2014

Last Christmas, CandleAid Lanka did something very special for the families in our Food Programme. CandleAid initiated a new project to give to the underprivileged during Christmas. We reached out to sponsors and donors, asking them to donate to underprivileged families.

Here are some pictures and stories of our beneficaries:

Sivakumar with goodsThis is Sivakumar. He is a labourer and he is paid daily. He has 2 children – 10 year old daughter and 5 year old son. His son was diagnosed with long term kidney disease. This Christmas, CandleAid managed to find a sponsor to grant him a sum of money and a few goods for his children. We bought groceries, school shoes, socks, settled his loans and gave him cash. Total amount donated to Sivakumar was LKR 19, 433.



Gunatunga & family

This is Gunatunga and his family. He has 4 children – 3 boys and 1 girl. He has lost his eye sight and the mother is mentally unstable. At present, the family does not know the whereabouts of the mother. We granted him money for 4 cement bags and 80 cement bags, groceries, money for school uniform and books. The total amount donated to Guntunga is LKR 14,783.